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Mr Christopher Tep is the inventor and owner of PNG's first full sixteen nutrient content organic liquid fertilizer known as Grow Hariap Organic Liquid Fertilizer. For food crops to bear maximum yields, they must have a sufficient supply of sixteen known nutrients. Grow Hariap has been tested in Australia and PNG laboratories to have all the sixteen vital nutrients that crops need to produce maximum yields. The fertilizer is currently being distributed exclusively by Brian Bell throughout PNG. Mr Tep is an agricultural scientist with 30 plus years of experience in the agriculture industry in both private and public sectors. His story is very inspiring. We interviewed him at length about how he invented the fertilizer. We will publish the interview soon on this platform as well as our YouTube channel. Please like or subscribe to our YouTube channel for the full interview.

Potret anak-anak sekolah di daerah Mappi sekitar tahun 1940-1950an

Kalau kam punya Bapa atau Mama dong jago main alat musik khususnya seruling itu bukan karena dong nontn di Youtube secara autodidak tapi karena dulu-dulu itu disekolah sekolah dong belajar barang itu. Bahkan dari cerita orang orang tua dulu dong sampe hafal not balok dan lain-lain untuk diaplikasikan dalam bermain musik. Sperti dua gambar ini anak-anak dari Suku Yahray/Yaqhai dong ada berbaris tanpa seragam skolah yang sperti skarang, sambil memainkan alat musik seruling. Inilah bentuk sekolah rakyat jaman dulu yang di gerakan oleh guru-guru perintis saat itu. Jadi guru saat itu dong biar dalam keterbatasan jg tetap bisa  mengajar dan membina anak-anak dikampung dipedalaman. Keterangan foto: Foto 1; Anak laki-laki dari suku Yahray/Yaqhai, memakai celana tanpa baju berbaris sambil bermain seruling bambu.Tahun 1949, tidak disebutkan secara detail lokasi foto tersebut. Foto 2; Anak perempuan dari Kampung Gandaimu(hulu sungai Oba) berbaris mengenakan cawat tanpa penutup badan bagian atas


"Seasonal workers will no longer be permitted to exceed their visa periods in Australia and New Zealand. Commissioner of Labour, Murielle Meltenoven, said the Department of Labour (DOL) is currently in the process of implementing policy changes and directives, which have been sent and approved. This year, a directive has been issued, disallowing contract extensions and ceasing COVID-19 visas. The DOL collaborated with the Australian government on this decision. Commissioner Meltenoven also commented on the importance of encouraging shorter periods of time abroad for workers, promoting the idea that spending time with their families upon return is crucial. Recognising the negative social impacts of the program, particularly in terms of family separation, she mentioned the existence of a labor mobility policy with five pillars aimed at addressing these issues. Efforts have been made to extend the program's reach to organisations such as UNICEF, the Women’s Centre, an

A New Hebrides Soccer Legend

During the New Hebrides, Walker Bule was a popular name in soccer.   A sure and dangerous striker who was recognized by the 2 colonial government for his amazing soccer talent. To sustain him in Port Vila for his national soccer skills they gave him employment at what was then known as the Forari Manganese Mines. But because that location was too far from Port Vila, they even provided him with a car and a driver to drive him to and from Port Vila for his soccer trainings on a routine basis. He remembered representing New Hebrides in 16 international matches wearing #10 as the main striker for the New Hebrides National Soccer Team. This week he suddenly died in his home at seaside in Port Vila. Tabeana tata for flying the National flag of New Hebrides when we the indigenous people were still stateless. Rest In Peace 馃槩馃槩馃嚮馃嚭馃嚮馃嚭馃嚮馃嚭馃嚮馃嚭 Story by Dickson Tevi


A new study pieces together the face of a 35,000-year-old man, whose remains were discovered in Egypt's Nile Valley in 1980… Anthropological analysis revealed that the man was between 17 and 29 years old when he died, stood approximately 5 feet, 3 inches (160 centimeters) tall and was of African ancestry… The skeleton is the oldest example of Homo sapiens remains found in Egypt and one of the oldest in the world… SOURCE; (https://ortogonline-com.translate.goog/doc/pt_br/OrtogOnLineMag/6/NazletKhater2.html?_x_tr_sch=http&_x_tr_sl=pt&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=pt-BR&_x_tr_pto=wapp) E1b1b and J are the dominant haplogroups among modern Egyptians… (“J” comes from Arabs and Ottoman Turks) E1b1b is the dominant haplogroup among Somalis… Sanchez et al. (2005) observed E1b1b in about 77.6% of their Somali male samples… SOURCE; (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15756297/) “Egyptian tradition of the Dynastic Period held that the aboriginal home of the Egyptians was Punt” SOURCE; (Si


A recent study published in the journal Nature confirms that Aboriginal Australians are the oldest known civilization on Earth, with a history dating back approximately 75,000 years. The research used genomic data from Aboriginal Australians and Highland Papuans to trace their ancestral lineage. The study reveals that the ancestors of Aboriginal Australians diverged from Eurasians around 57,000 years ago, indicating a single exodus from Africa. It is suggested that Aboriginal Australians arrived on the continent around 31,000 years ago. The inclusion of Aboriginal elders as co-authors emphasizes the importance of involving indigenous communities in research about themselves. Aboriginal culture is characterized by a strong oral tradition of storytelling, serving as a means of sharing knowledge and preserving their cultural heritage. Their deep connection to the land is fundamental to their spiritual beliefs, rooted in the belief that they emerged from and are inseparable from the land.

The Hebrew name for India is H艒d没

The Hebrew name for India is H艒d没… H艒d没 is synonymous with Hindustan… “Hindo” or “Hindoo” means black… “Stan” means a country or land… Thus, Hindustan (India) means “Black Country” or “Land of the Blacks” “India Superior” was once formerly applied to the America’s and West Indies…